January 28, 2019
Panchayat Election
"We have organized a School Panchayat election recently.   It was a very interesting election.   Candidates were chosen from the children in the school, not from the adults.   They were free to choose any candidate.   Here are the results of the primary election:

For the President - Pushpa v/s Kuldeep
Vice President - Ravina v/s Vijay
Secretory - Minakshi v/s Bhanupratap

We heard political claims voiced like we see generally in public elections.   All the children were allowed to partcipate in this election.   The children gave their precious votes to elect their candidates.   An interesting thing occured which occurs in Indian (and I suppose U.S.) Presidential elections.   All of the children favored Pushpa to win before giving their votes.   But, during the voting the situation changed.  We were surprised to see that.

After counting all of the votes for each candidate, the following candidates were elected unanimously.

1. Kuldeep won for President
2. Ravina won for Vice President
3. Minakshi won for Secretory

We saw some sadness at the moment the results were announced.   The previous favorite for President, Pushpa, cried and was disappointed when she was defeated by her classmate.   Vijay was also saddened after being defeated by Ravina.   Please see following pictures. .

Kuldeep           Minakshi           Ravina

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