Recent Exams at Children of Hope School

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

December 24, 2019
Half-Year Exams
"The children are completing their exams for the first half of the school year 2019.   The recent exams have ended on the 24th of December.   It all went well.   The children were all in attendence even though it was very cold here.   We went house-to-house to encourage all children to take the exam.   We counseled the children's parents to send their children on time to school and not to take them to their villages.

You can see in the photos how serious the students are during the examination.   All 90 children were present.   Now we are checking the children's exams.

We have announced a 3-day holiday.   School will open again on the 1st of January, 2020."

[Note: Click on the photos for larger views.]

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