Mandana Project at Children of Hope School

Pastor Ravi Pahadiya
July 14, 2020
Mandana Project

"Praise the Lord!

"Mandana paintings are one of the oldest forms of tribal art in India that has survived over the ages.   It is done in state of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh by one of the most tribal communities.   This art is done on walls and floors, both within and surrounding the house, as a way to ward off evil and welcome the blessings of God's into the home.   Within the tribal community, this painting is done predominantly by women, as traditionally it is their social role to take care of the house and the family.

Mandana in the local language refers to 'Rangoli' in the context of chitra mandana or 'drawing a picture'.   Mandana is derived from the word Mandan which implies decoration and beautification.   Historically, they have been practiced for centuries by women of the tribal community as decorations for special or festive occasions.   Among others, these events included communal religious worship, festivals and fasts and lastly auspicious days in the life of the community such as birth or marriage.

Mostly, girls are involved in this project, only some boys took interested to do this.   Girls has done good in Mandana activity.   They want to make more ancient mandana in their home wall or floor.   We have selected 3 good Mandana art."

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