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The Latest News - October, 2018
This month's cover   was done by one of the Children of Hope School students.   Kuldeep is a very talented boy, and we are very proud of him.   Artwork by Kuldeep and other Children of Hope School students can be seen and purchased by clicking on his artwork above. 100% of your purchase funds go directly to the needs of the school.   There will be a new cover for the Newsletter each quarter.

Kuldeep presently has no sponsor, since his U.S. sponsor took ill.   If you'd like to consider sponsoring a budding artist, just click on his photo to learn more about this talented boy.   There's no obligation when you do.

Anemia Medicine   At the end of March, Dr. Chavi and her team tested the children's hemoglobin (Hb). On October the Director and staff gave them the third and last course of anemia medicine, purchased by U.S. sponsors.


New Uniform Shirts   Some sponsors chose to have their sponsored students wear uniform tops with the Children of Hope School logo and the student's first name on the shirt pockets.   Needless to say, the sponsored students were proud to wear their new uniforms.   Sponsors will soon receive new portrait photos of their sponsored students and the photos will be added to each sponsored student’s webpage.   Click on the photo on the right to get a larger view of Ajay's and Diksha's uniforms.

Robot Car Projects, August, 2018   Ajay's sponsor (that's Ajay on the left and Lalit on the right) saw how creative Ajay and his friend, Lalit, were with their earlier electronics projects.   The sponsor purchased kits for the boys to build a robot car that automatically follows a wide track made with black tape and a simple car that just travels in a wide circle. The two boys, with the help of Kartik, did an amazing job; and the car worked as planned. Click on the photo on the left to watch the action.

"Well," Diksha and Pushpa said, "Why do only the boys get to build the electronic cars?" (that's Diksha on the left and Pushpa on the right). And so, the girls were given the chance. Click on the right photo to watch a YouTube of their success, that is, after they got the project away from Ajay, Kuldeep and Kartik shown in the early part of the video.

Vacation Bible School, June, 2018   Vacation Bible School is held every summer.   Hindu, Muslim and Christian children attend.   Attendance is not mandatory, buy many children participated.   It is a two day program in the school.   The children are taught different stories from Bible and about Creation.   The purpose is to give them a chance to learn more about God.   Children attend from 2 to 3 hours each day.   Vacation Bible School activities include: prayers, Bible stories, games, songs, a candy break, a Team lesson, and other character building activities.   Click on photos for larger views.


Cooking Classes, June, 2018   In the cooking classes, the children were taught how to make Potato Chips, a Banana snack and Idli Sambhar, a South Indian dish.   The children had never heard of nor tasted this dish.   They were given practical training.   They decided to make the dish for their parents at home.   The children were very happy to learn how to cook.   They thanked Gunjan (see photos left and right) who did most of the teaching.

Idli Sambhar Dish.   The children really enjoyed learning to making this popular dish.   A pot was borrowed from a friend to make it.   It was a three-day cooking class at the school.   If you have any question regarding this dish, then please ask (through the SUPPORT page).   You will receive a response.

Facilities   Classroom partitions are being constructed, at the request of the Education Department, to separate various classes and activities.   And, you may know, there are now desks now for our students.   Today it was also learned that ceiling fans and new whiteboards have been purchased, again, through U.S. donors.   The Children of Hope School's Director and staff are

doing the best they can with the facility God has provided, but the Education Department still rejects the school's application for school affiliation, because it does not own its own building.

Hope for the Future   The Director and staff pray for the day they have a building with land belonging to the school and housing for the staff.   Click on the image on the right to see the vision one of the sponsors has for the Children of Hope School, God willing.   If you feel a calling from God to help with the school's facilities, please contact Director Ravi Pahadiya through the Support link above.
God bless you.

Sponsorship of Students   Sponsorship takes just a few minutes, and you will change the life of the child you select forever.   The cost is about 90¢ per day.   Just click on Visit and see for yourself what a difference sponsoring can make in the faces of the children.   If you mention this Newsletter when you sponsor a student, we will email you a high-resolution copy of Kuldeep's painting which you can print and frame.   BACKSPACE will bring you back to the Newsletter.

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Children of Hope School Events
Please keep in mind as you read about the above special events, that the students also maintain a full academic curriculum.
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