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Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

"We work closely with companies and individuals ensuring constructive partnerships that work for the benefit of children in India.   We greatly appreciate the efforts of the companies and individuals who have associated with us and supported us.   We encourage companies and individuals with philanthropic values to partner with us, so that together we can fight dual issues of hunger and illiteracy among children in India.

Beiswenger and Associates Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation engaged in creative development of new medical products.   The company has supplied digital thermometers for the students and a means to detect infections early so that ill children do not infect others in our classrooms.

City of God Villages is an international organization who has created a concept for a future Village to be developed in Jaipur which will provide homes for orphan children and business sites to produce sustaining income for the Children of Hope School.   City of God Villages is seeking a financial partner to invest in the development of the Village.

We look forward to adding your company to our list of Partners.   We have special needs which you may wish to help with.

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