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Pastor Ravi Pahadiya

"Once you have sponsored a child, like the 7-year old girl, Khushi, or the 4-year old boy, Jigar, shown in the center of this page, you will simply enter your first and last name on the Visit page which will permit you to view his or her webpage.   On the webpage will be recent photos and short videos of your sponsored child in their classroom environment.   I will also post recent work (drawings etc.) your child has done in class.   By clicking on EVENTS, you may also see and recognize your child in one of the school activities.

On the child's webpage there will be a place for you to write to your sponsored child.   The message will arrive immediately, unlike letters that have to be sent by mail, taking a week or more to arrive in India.   I will show your email to your sponsored child and ask them to write a response, which I will send to the email address you have provided.   In addition, I will provide, on your sponsored child's webpage, a report to you regarding his or her progress in school."

Click on image for more information.

Click on image for more information.

Here is an example of a sponsored child's webpage.

There is no "requirement" to sponsor a student for additional years.   If you do not sponsor the child after a year, you will lose access to the child's webpage and therefore the only means to communicate with the child directly, although you can always communicate with Pastor Ravi about the child through the link provided.   Hopefully, the child will be re-sponsored by someone else after your sponsorship ends.   On the other hand, when no longer sponsored, the child will still be welcome to attend the school.   No change there.

The first sponsorship a child receives is the most important.   A sponsorship allows Pastor Ravi to register the child, evaluate their educational status, provide him or her with writing materials, a school uniform and a backpack.

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